• I’ve been the top ratings turnaround program director in radio history, always striving for a down to earth, real delivery from the announcers I’ve worked with. Many of whom now are successful voice actors.
  • I’ve successfully programmed or consulted in more major markets and in more varied radio formats than any programmer, ever. From LA to New York, San Francisco to Boston, Philadelphia to Dallas. Radio stations like KHJ and The Wave in Los Angeles where I hired all the great radio talent there, again, most of them now working as voice over specialists!
  • I currently have over 60 voice over clients including Wall Street Journal, Ring Central, St. Jude Medical Center, Salvation Army and more every day.
  • My vocal range is diverse from a soft whisper to a booming “In a World” delivery and everything in between. Storytelling is my forte.
  • As a graduate of Braintracks Audio, a voiceover curriculum taught by voice over and branding coach Nancy Wolfson, I’m prepared for a vast variety of voice acting opportunities.

I’ll let my voice demo speak for itself.

Mantra: “Good is the enemy of Great.”

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